When does uPod perform a synchronization? Do I need to trigger it manually?

You do not need to trigger the synchronization manually. uPod does this automatically for you whenever a sync is required and possible (network available). uPod will push changes to the uPod server after 30 seconds after they happened (except you make other changes within these 30 seconds, then the countdown will restart).

On the other hand whenever the uPod server encounters changes relevant for you - for example because one of your devices sent changes or new episodes for your subscriptions are detected - then uPod pushes these changes actively to all your devices. Meaning: In contrast to most other podcast players who are polling the server in a fixed interval for changes the uPod server pushes the changes to your device. This save battery and network traffic.

If you own two android devices you can test this:
  1. Make a change (for example change the order of the episodes on your playlist or mark some new episodes as read)
  2. Turn on your second device
  3. Within one minute you should see the changes on the second device

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