App permissions and what they are used for

The following is the list of permissions required by uPod and a description of what they are used for.
  • modify or delete the contents of your SD card; test access to protected storage:
    Used for managing podcast coverart and media files on your external storage.
  • add or remove, find or  accounts on the device:
    Used to authenticate you against your uPod account using your Google account. These permissions do not provide uPod access to your Google password.
  • full network access:
    Used to synchronize with the uPod servers and to download coverart and media files.
  • receive data from Internet; read Google service configuration: 
    Used for battery and network saving synchronization where the uPod server informs your device when new data for it is available.
  • view network connections:
    Allows uPod to recognize when entering and leaving wifi or mobile networks to automatically trigger downloads according to your preferences.
  • prevent device from sleeping:
    Allows uPod to keep the device alive while synchronizing, downloading or playing audio and to keep the screen on while playing video.
  • Google Play license check:
    Used to verify whether your uPod license is valid.

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