Data privacy statement

Account information

An account is created for you on the first start of uPod on the uPod servers. uPod utilizes official Google APIs for authenticating you against this account, so that uPod does not have access to your Google password and any time. The stored account information contains
  • your Google user ID
  • the e-mail address you've selected on the first start of uPod. 
Your account information is kept private in all conscience. Your account information is only used for the purpose of uPod's functionality and to contact you via e-mail in rare cases. I will never send spam and your information will never be given away to any third-party.

Stored data

Besides the account information additional data is stored on the uPod servers for the purpose of backup, cross device sync and cross suggestions to other users ("User who subscribed to this podcast also subscribed to that one"). This additional data includes
  • podcasts you are subscribed to
  • episodes in your inbox
  • episodes in your library
  • episodes on your playlist including ordering
  • subscription specific settings
  • episode specific settings

Committing podcasts

When you add a podcast this podcast is added to the list of podcasts known by uPod. The uPod servers will scan this podcast in a regular interval and store meta data for the podcast itself and all of it's episodes.

In the future uPod may provide features to search for podcasts or to suggest podcasts based on a user's current subscriptions. In these cases uPod may provide all podcasts which have been added by any user at any time. So you should not add any kind of "private" podcasts to uPod which are not intended for other users.

Crash reports

When an unexpected error occurs uPod will automatically send diagnostic information to the uPod support team for analysis. The diagnostic information only contains what we need to get the issue fixed. This includes:
  • cause of the error and the so called stack trace (the location in our app code where uPod has crashed)
  • device type information like manufacturer, model, Android version and whether your device is rooted or not
  • current state including display orientation, percentage of RAM used, percentage of storage used, percentage of battery capacity
  • the e-mail address you've selected on the first start of uPod, so that we can contact you in rare cases to ask for further information helping us to fix the issue

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